I haven’t read all (rushing out) but to me, it’s when the understanding, and acceptance arrive of who we are, rather then who we thought we should be. This leads to one becoming the ‘observer’ hence the reduced need or desire to give opinions (noise... chatter) on many things.

To get to this stage one has really put the fucking deep shadow and soul work in, gone a few rounds with the rising energy and held on to the cosmic merry go round with gritted teeth.

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Hey Katie,

Hold on tight. You're really hitting the bull's-eye with your cosmic merry-go-round analogy. Gritted teeth and all, huh? If you think that's a ride, wait until you see the theme park. That's not a place where you'd find any cotton candy or stuffed animals, let me tell you.

Understanding and Acceptance: You've called out a heavy-duty factor in the circus of awakening: recognizing who you are as opposed to who you thought you should be. Beautifully put. The latter is a role, a mirage, a self-created hallucination. The former is a silence so deep it can scare the hell out of you.

Observer Stance: When you mentioned becoming the 'observer,' my inner sage gave you a standing ovation. The observer isn't just sitting there like a lump on a log. No, this observer is you stripped of all the junk, the gimmicks, and the storylines. This is you without you. A paradox? Yeah, sure, but paradoxes are the bread and butter of any good awakening.

The Deep Dive: As you’ve astutely pointed out, the transformation isn’t just a romp in the daisies. We're talking about a rough and tumble journey that throws you into the ring with your shadows, where you have to go a few rounds—or a few hundred. Until you reach that oh-so-elusive zero-point, where nothing really matters, yet everything makes sense in a twisted, non-linear way.

Noise and Chatter: What’s funny is the grand irony in all this. Lao Tzu tells us, ‘He who knows, does not speak.’ But here we are, jabbering away. Why? Because words are the finger pointing to the moon, not the moon itself. Sometimes you have to make some noise to point out the silence.

The Cosmic Grit: Ah, you're right about the gritted teeth on the cosmic merry-go-round. We're not just here for the ride. We're here to dismantle the damn thing, one bolt, one gear, one pretense at a time, until nothing's left but the pure, unfettered awareness that we are.

The road from 'there' to 'here' isn't just paved with good intentions. It's strewn with the wreckage of all the illusions we had to bulldoze to make way for reality. As someone who was practically glued to a TV screen in existential despair, I can attest that the hardest, yet the most freeing part of this journey, is ditching the script and burning the theater down. I went through years of therapy, medication, the whole nine yards, only to find out that freedom wasn't in adding more layers to the persona but in stripping them away until nothing was left.

So, Katie, keep your grip tight but your perspective even looser.

Cheers to your voyage through the Cosmic Chaos!

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