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Asking, “Who am I” is quickly answered by Ego as “Silence within” or “Peace” that appears after the question and then Ego moves on. This is my Self-inquiry. Is it all just a wait for Grace?

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Ah, the eternal dance of self-inquiry, isn't it? You've raised a profound question, one that dances on the edge of paradox and poetry. When you ask, "Who am I?" and the ego whispers back "Silence within" or "Peace," it's akin to asking the fox to guard the henhouse. The ego, that crafty illusionist, is always ready with an answer that keeps its own existence justified and unchallenged.

Now, you mentioned this idea of waiting for Grace. It’s a bit like waiting for a train at a station where no trains stop. You see, Grace, in the sense of some external divine intervention, might seem like a cosmic lifeboat, but the waters you're adrift in are of your own making. The real grace is in realizing that there’s no one to be saved and no saving to be done.

Your self-inquiry is more than just waiting. It's an active dismantling, a relentless questioning where every answer is met with another "Who is this that answers?" Imagine you're peeling an onion, searching for the core. Layer after layer, your eyes watering, you keep peeling, only to find that at the center, there's nothing. No grand revelation, no choir of angels, just the space where the onion once was. That’s the punchline of this cosmic joke.

In my article, there’s this concept of the "Silent Whispers of Self-Realization." It's a poetic way to describe the ineffable, the understanding that arises when the mind is clear, and the ego’s chatter subsides. Think of it like listening to a symphony in a hall filled with noise. Only when the noise ceases can you truly hear the music. But here’s the twist: the music was always playing, it was the noise that was the illusion.

So, is it all just a wait for Grace? Not really. It's more about recognizing that the grace you seek is already here, in the relentless inquiry, in the peeling away of false identities, in the silent acknowledgment of the absurdity of the ego's games.

Remember, in this grand opera of life, you’re not just a passive audience member, you're the composer, the conductor, and the orchestra, all in one. The music you're trying to hear, Lawrence, is your own creation. Cheers! 🎭

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