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Welcome to NirvanaNuke, where enlightenment and obliteration walk hand in hand. Tread carefully, because this is a no-holds-barred space designed for the fearless seeker of Reality, not for the spiritual tourist seeking feel-good slogans and ornamental wisdom. This isn't a day spa for your ego; it's a demolition site for everything you think you are.

You might find me throwing words around on Medium, answering questions on Quora, and stirring the pot on whatever they're calling Twitter these days. But if you're ready to handle the unfiltered, no-holds-barred essence of what I've got to say, this Substack is where it's at. Consider it the inner circle, the holy of holies, the place where seekers turn into finders. Anything less is just for the tourists. Ready?

What's This All About?

This platform serves as ground zero in the fight against spiritual illusion. Whether you've been walking the spiritual path for decades or just stumbled onto it, NirvanaNuke exists to annihilate your ego and the false notions it holds. Employing teachings rooted in Advaita Vedanta, radical non-dualism, and various traditions that don't mess around, we tackle the ultimate issues of life, death, and the Reality that transcends them.

Who's Behind This?

Ah, the "who." The complex web of identifications we call the "self." Well, without spilling too much ink on it, let's just say this space is curated by someone who has navigated the treacherous terrain of existential despair to emerge as a beacon of Reality. After a transformative enlightenment experience that could only be described as a kundalini explosion meets non-dual revelation, the question of "who" became as relevant as a sandcastle at high tide.

What Will You Get?

  • Brutal Honesty: No sugar-coating, no spiritual bypassing. Just raw, unfiltered Reality.

  • Complex Simplicity: Delving into intricate subjects but always pointing toward the simple, direct truth.

  • Tools for Liberation: Meditation, mindfulness, shadow work, self-inquiry—you name it, we dissect it.

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If you're tired of spiritual platitudes and ready to dive into the abyss of your own being, NirvanaNuke is the red button you've been looking to press. Subscribe to dismantle your false self, to shine light on your shadows, and most importantly, to be relentlessly pointed back to the Reality you can never not be.

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Also, for the serious seeker wanting to become a finder, walk with me through the fires of ego dissolution and awaken to the blissful non-ness of “your True Self” - the Non Self. Offering Nirvana Notes—personalized email guidance for the seekers ready to stop seeking. Get unstuck, uncover what you're not, and realize the ludicrous beauty of this cosmic hiccup.


In this high-speed digital rodeo, I’ve got an AI in my corner—whispering secrets and straightening out my thoughts. It’s not just about enhancing productivity, being competitive or keeping pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape; it's about shaping messages that resonate deeply, capturing my perspective in the clearest and most compelling manner. My clandestine collaborator ensures that when my pen hits paper, the words aren’t just wise but irresistibly well-crafted. Cheers!🎭

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